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We believe that a higher consciousness is upon us and this is manifesting a growing unity of individuals that are committed to truth. Unlike previous paradigms, within our current times, knowledge is not limited and this growing unity is creating a worldly and whole view perspective that encompasses all, not one or some. This new paradigm is being realized through the prevalence of ancient, scientific and contemporary knowledge, and any other means that may lead to truth. What this is allowing for is the expanding of options. This idea of a worldly understanding free from judgement is the accepting of philosophies, religions and other spiritual teachings with the foresight that what works for us may not work for someone else and vice versa.

This expansion of consciousness is not confined and is neither prejudice to any means of accessing truth so the idea of this new paradigm, is in our eyes, facilitating in unprecedented fashion, the fearless and personal approach to understanding ourselves and the world in which we habitate. Opening up to the truth is boundless and transcends any labels that could be attached to it. It is beyond the limitations of close minded belief systems or organizations because opening up means we rely and trust in our own path to truth whatever that may look like as opposed to relying on others’ perceptions. Your embracing of this new consciousness will allow truth to freely flow.

We support you on your journey by making available a variety of transformational films, music and audio CDs for personal growth and consciousness. What works for you is ultimately for you to experience and hopefully you can find that something here to help you further discover yourself and expand your own consciousness.

In Love and Gratitude,

Michael Stephan, Planet Bliss

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